Asus Zenfone 4 Review - What is Inside about this Android Phone?

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Asus Zenfone 4 is the smallest and the cheapest smartphone in the Zenfone parents and children, sporting a 4-inch part of a foot open. The between the extremes sibling in the parents and children – the Zenfone 5 is one of the best mid-rank smartphones we’ve pure, giving the Moto G (first gen) a run for its cash. Does the Zenfone 4 put up the same exhibit in the roll order? Peruse our detailed re-examine to fall in with out.

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The Asus Zenfone 4 has a 4-inch part of a foot open wrapped in a right-angled curved-edged material substance. This makes it light to use one handed and the ergonomically-placed buttons are light to extend. The removable formative back overspread has a cretaceous matte do, while the contortion and ableness buttons are metallic with concentric circles. As with all the phones in the Zenfone rank, there’s a sunshiny tear off at the base of the phone, which in this covering is made of formative. The phone weighs 115g and feels impenetrable. Despite the roll value, the phone looks comely ã  la mode and obstinate in building.


As with all the phones in the Zenfone line, the Zenfone 4 has the Zen UI hide attached to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating a whole. But unlike many other Android skins we’ve seen, Zen UI is very unspotted and adds useful touches without messing with the Android actual observation too much.

If you are already an Android user, you’ll be conversant with most of the phone’s features. There’s the prevailing app drawer for apps and widgets, drawn out constraining the homescreen pulls out settings for changing the homescreen, and homescreen widgets and shortcuts can be secluded by drawn out-constraining and then dragging them to the Displace button.

It includes fastening-protection shortcuts for readily accessing material functions such as the camera, phone and messages. All you need to do is sweep the locked-protection icon across the protection and the phone closely unlocks the protection and puts you through the selected app.

Now, there’s a unimportant twist together in the advice dropdown – the Zen UI divides the dropdown into two. Sweep down from the left margin of the protection, and you see notifications from different apps and swiping the right margin will extend Nimble Settings for readily accessing for the use of all apps and settings. This might not be very exposed at first and you may wonder why the advice protection looks different every duration.

For a bag phone, the Zenfone 4 packs sufficiency of features that you might meet with useful even if you are a sparing user. Asus WebStorage is Asus’ own nebulosity labor which lets you preserve online backups, sync files between devices and portion them with your friends. But when we tried to use it, the app refused to free despite the phone being up-to-epoch.

There are several other apps that come pre-installed. Some apps such as Omlet Confabulate, Clique Vinculum and Amazon Inflame overlap with some of Google’s own apps that work for the same purposes. For example, there’s Omlet Confabulate, Hangouts and the banner true copy messaging app for sending messages. These supplemental apps are not only uncalled for, but also destroy priceless storage extension as they cannot be deleted or disabled without rooting the invention.

However, there are some useful apps, too. For example, there’s Super Record for taking notes, Glowing for changing the extend settings, and Efficacy Rescuer for optimising the battery.

Display Achievements

The Zenfone 4 features a coruscating 4-twelfth part of a foot, 480 x 800 decomposition open with a bed lay of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which should make it recoiling to scratches and less knocks and bumps. While the protection is small for those who intend to use it for basic tasks of trade and sending body messages, the low decomposition instrument it’s not agreeable for gambling and attention videos as the protection suffers from reflections and pinched viewing angles. It’s almost unachievable to see the protection clearly in coruscating in the open air.

Asus packs the Brilliant app, which helps you advance the open peculiarity to an expanse. But even the app does little to meliorate the viewing-flare question.

Performance Achievements

The Zenfone 4 runs on the Intel Monad Z2520 dual-inmost part processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and backed by 1GB RAM. While this seems sufficient on writing, in frequent repetition, it feels slower than the Moto E, Nokia Lumia 530 and the Micromax Canvas A1 Android One.

It does a serviceable job at handling everyday tasks. Web pages, including those with lots of images and graphics weight post-haste and it can stick between apps seamlessly. The Zenfone 4 is little moderate to shrink up, taking a little more than half a little before you can shrink using it. Some of the heavier apps don’t weight post-haste, while some take longer than the habitual duration to reply. There’s also a noteworthy stuttering when playing games such as Fane Run 2 or running multiple apps in the background.

Connectivity and term attribute

The Zenfone 4 is a dual-Sim phone, which supports the 850,900,1800 and 1900 MHz bands on the GSM interlacement and 850,900,1900,2100 MHz bands on the 3G interlacement. There’s shore up for Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, though there’s no NFC. There’s a microUSB slot for charging the shift and transferring facts to a PC.

Unhurt attribute on calls accepted by the phone is really beneficial, though calls made by the phone are mean proportion with articulate utterance sonorous wrapped up when there’s background unhurt.


The failure symphony trifler cleanly categorises songs based on the album, skilled workman, lay name, genre, composer and folder. You can trace your favourite songs or fast sport files that you’ve recently added or played at short intervals. The app lets you sport songs saved online, by adding your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Impel or Asus WebStorage record. This comes dexterous if you don’t have enough extension to treasury songs on the plan, though you’ll need to rely on a Wi-Fi reticulated or decussated work or alveolate premises to current symphony from your fog record. The symphony trifler also includes an equaliser for minute tuning your audio.

You get two apps for playing symphony – Google Sport and the failure plan symphony trifler.


Engraving characteristic of the 5MP camera is not too exciting. In the auto fashion, the camera keeps sound levels low and produces images with befitting clarity in legitimate medium of vision provisions. Colours can be a bit oversaturated, but it’s OK for a camera in this cost line. The camera is mostly forbear eating at capturing shots, though it can struggle to point of convergence correctly in dim medium of vision and when trying to take shut up ups.

Battery life

The Zenfone 4’s 1200mAh battery provides medium battery life. In our tests, it gave more than 13 hours of calls on the 2G reticulated or decussated work or nearly five hours of video playback (720p) before we had to stopple it to the mains. This is not the best in its rank or order, considering the 18-twenty-fourth part of a day plus battery life of the Micromax Canvas A1 Android One and the Moto E. However, it should be enough to get you through a 12-twenty-fourth part of a day day.

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